Things you need to consider when designing an office at your restaurant

Opening a new restaurant is usually overwhelming. There are many problems you´re going to encounter in the process, and you´ll spend the majority of your time working on it. Just forget about the weekends, birthdays or holidays. It´s more than a full-time job, and if you don’t commit yourself to the maximum, you´ll hardly make any success.

Many people think professional chefs only get to do what they love – cooking, but that is far from the truth. Nowadays, a chef´s field of work extends to some areas other than cooking such as staffing, financing, public relations and so on. This is why every professional chef and a restaurant owner needs to have a tastefully designed office in which he or she can fully commit to those other aspects of running a restaurant. The trick is to create the working environment that’s going to provide you efficiency and comfort, but that doesn´t distract you and negatively affect your productivity. Here are some of the basic things you need to consider when designing your office.

Lighting is never too much

Natural light is one of the most important modern office design benefits. Unfortunately, people don´t take it seriously as they should be. Natural lighting provides you much brighter color spectrum making it easier for you to perform your daily tasks. Besides that, natural lighting reduces eye fatigue, and you´ll have fewer troubles with headaches.

Keep your office tidy

It´s most likely that your office won´t be a big one. That means that your clients will see every detail the first few moments they walk in. It´s important to have regular maintenance and cleanup of your office because small spaces tend to become very messy after a short amount of time. Once you start planning your office space, one of the first things you´ll have to think about is a storage audit. There are many great solutions on the market, and you can start by checking what mayline furniture has to offer to you.

Don´t be cheap with furniture

Many restaurant owners are tempted to spend less on furniture both for their dining room and office. It´s by far the biggest mistake you do in the beginning. Keep in mind that, if you spend more now, you´ll save a lot of money in the long run. Also, you need to take into consideration your workflow, and what is it that needs to be at your fingertips, but before you make any investment into furniture. It´s a good start to check out Mayline’s modern office furnishings and look for pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Keep in mind that mayline furniture comes in many different styles. Traditional or contemporary, you´ll find exactly what suits your taste and your restaurant´s theme.

Don´t forget about branding

It´s important to give your space an identity, as a constant reminder to yourself and your employees about the purpose of working together. It´s is important to have serious thoughts about your working environment (now we´re talking about your office and kitchen), because it sets a foundation for creating a corporate culture.